die linke“For years, the EU has put pressure on Serbia not to trade with China and Russia, to liberalize its market and to open it up to European goods without any restrictions. But right now, in a severe emergency due to the corona epidemic, where there is no profit to make for the EU, the Serbs are left alone. In times of crisis, you always get a quick understanding who your real partners are. My solidarity is with the people of Serbia, not the EU’s greed for profit”, explains Żaklin Nastić, spokeswoman for human rights policy for the DIE LINKE parliamentary group in the German Bundestag on the occasion of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s press conference from yesterday evening.

Nastić continues:

“Unfortunately, President Vučić is absolutely right in saying that European solidarity is just a fairy tale on paper. This much-vaunted solidarity only applies when there is money to be made and when it benefits the large companies based in the EU. In quiet times, the EU has always been keen on Serbian money and has constantly urged the country to change the terms of its tenders so that EU companies get all the contracts. Now, the EU is refusing to provide any support. It is shameful, inhuman and exposes the true, profit-oriented face of the so-called European community of values.”

“I hope that with their Chinese partners´ help, the Serbian people will successfully overcome this epidemic. As for the EU, they finally need to understand that such a pandemic can only be managed together – without playing a lone hand and without thinking about profit”, adds the vice-chair of the German-Southeast European parliamentary group.