“The Ministry of People’s Power for Health distributed the clinical protocol against Coronavirus Covid-19 in all the health care centers of the country. The health national public and private system know this protocol, which should be implemented for this matter,” said the Venezuelan Vice-president at a press briefing she held after a meeting with the Covid-19 Follow-up and Control Permanent Commission.

Rodríguez informed that Venezuela’s health authorities are on the alert and implementing control measures at all the border crossing posts and airports of the country in the event any passenger or traveler shows symptoms of this infectious disease that has cost the lives of thousands of people in the world.

The Venezuelan vice-president explained that travelers showing symptoms are placed under house quarantine and visited on a regular basis by the “Quadrants of Peace” (Cuadrantes de Paz), political-territorial system that implements strategies of public security and safety, and the Health Ministry.

Rodríguez stressed they’re mounting educational and preventive hygiene campaigns to prevent the spread of the virus. She emphasized that so far Venezuela has remained coronavirus free.

Rodríguez highlighted that this virus has caused a significant impact on the world’s economy and health. She mentioned that, according to the coronavirus global report, 105,583 cases have been registered in 102 countries, 53% of the world’s nations, 348 cases in the American continent and 79 cases in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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