A total of 14 Cuban doctors will reinforce the preventive and assistance work in the state of La Guaira and thus prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the Litoral entity.

The governor of the entity, Jorge Luis García Carneiro, accompanied by the mayor of the Vargas municipality, José Alejandro Terán, reported that the procession belongs to the contingent of 110 Antillean professionals who arrived in the country on the night of Monday, March 23.

“We appreciate the support of our sister Cuba. We receive this group of doctors who will help us take the preventive measures of the Primary Health System to combat this virus that attacks us”, he said.

The regional president explained that the doctors will cover the care spaces in places far from the central zone and those with difficult access. In this sense, he added that nine of them will carry out tasks in the Mission Base of the Carayaca parish, while the rest will be assigned to the El Campito and La Salina (West Zone) outpatient clinics.

The information was released by the president at the daily meeting of the local General Staff for Health, in which the installation of a field hospital that the Social Security workers will raise in the Port of La Guaira was also announced.


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