LAB EuskadiThe serious situation generated by the imperialist war in Siria has become chronic. The war, that still continues after nine years, has moved millions persons from their homes, violating human rights and putting the economical interests beyond the life. In the last weeks the attacks against migrant people and refugees has been intensified in the Greek-Turkish border. People’s arrests, murders, violations and attacks against human rights in general are a constant; but last last days have grown. In addition to the migrant workers’ situation, also the solidarity is being criminalized; a clear example is the attack suffered by Basque NGO Zaporeak.

In this situation, is indispensable finisth with the attacks against migrant people and implement a transformation agenda. This has agenda has to contemplate three basics elements:

• Finish with the imperialist war in Siria, Kurdistan and in general in Middle East countries. The respect to these countries sovereignty and the apliccation of no interference principle will be indispensable.
• Finish off with the human rights violations in the migratory routes. The women are specially who suffer these attacks. In addition to military and police forces violence, is especially serious that Greece and Hungary have cancelled a last weeks the right to asylum. Is a measure that violates the international law, and that has as an objective the physical control, militarization, and the borders strengthening. They have become migrant people in a “pressure element”, hostages of diplomatic negotiations between Turkey and the European Union.
• To finish, implementation of public policies with the objective of guaranteeing a decent life for migrant workers and refugees living in our country. In this way, is especially important finish with precariousness, poverty and exclusion suffered by these people and confront with fascism and racism.

To many demonstrations and protest meetings have been called in Greece (for example the Lesbos and Chios mobilizations), and in general in all Europe (for example the Permanent People’s Tribunal denounce with the participation of LAB). We need also from the Basque Country show our solidarity, and denounce the situation in the Greek-Turkish borders and in Balcans area. For that, LAB calls to participate in the mobilizations called on 14th and 15th March:

• Bilbao: 14th March 18:00 at Moya square.
• Iruñea/Pamplona: 14th March, 18:00 in the bus station.
• Donostia/San Sebastian: 14th March 18:00 in the Boulevard.
• Vitoria/Gasteiz: 15th March, 13:00 Artium.

No imperialist war! Workers internacionalist solidarity! Respect migrant workers rights! Refugees welcome!


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)