PAME and the class unions of Greece continue their activity with their presence and initiatives in the workplaces so as to support the workers and also to block the attack of the employers, who utilize the developments with the Corona Virus, so as to impose more antiworkers’ measures.

On Friday, March 13, leaders of trade unions of Athens protested at the Ministry of Labor for the outbreak of antiworkers’ measures and the hazards for the health of the workers and their family. Greater problems are in Hotels-Tourism, where because of the situation and travel restrictions there are many cancelations. The hotel owners are attempting to transfer the cost to the workers, by imposing unpaid leaves, or laying off workers etc.

On the other hand in commerce – supermarkers, as well as in Pharmaceutical industries and Healthcare services the workers are forced to work to exhaustion. Days off are canceled, leaves are not given, work hours are unlimited. And at the same time, especially in Supermarkets there are no measures of Health and Safety to protect the workers and the public.

However, the Minister did not meet with the unions, as under the pretext of the Coronavirus, they closed down the Ministry and left.

The unions continued their initiatives during the weekend, and visited many workplaces, supermakets etc informing the workers and demanding Health and Safety measures, as well as specific regulation of work hours and rest for the workers.

On Sunday, March 15, PAME organized a blood donation to support the greater needs that are being created.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)