The National Federation of Workers in Textile Industries of Greece, member of PAME, participated in the Founding Congress of TUI Textile of WFTU that took place in Cairo, Egypt on March 6-7.

PAME noted in its intervention

“…It fills us with confidence and determination to carry out the task with which the workers and the trade unions of our branch have charged us, the task imposed by our class duty, to discuss and come up with decisions in the interests of the workers, to set up with the establishment of the organization within the framework of the WFTU strong bases for the strengthening of the struggle.

The class internationalist solidarity, the exchange of experience, the coordination and unity can undoubtedly give a boost to the strengthening t of the working-class movement in the industry and beyond, so that the working class can better organize the struggle against the assault on every country, against the capitalist exploitation.

…Workers men and women need to step up our struggle, claim the life we deserve, and we are deprived of by the monopoly groups, imperialist organizations and their governments. They are also responsible for the uprooting of millions of refugees and immigrants around the world, for poverty, exploitation and imperialist wars.

In Greece and many other countries a large part of the workers in the industry are immigrant workers. To respond to our class, internationalist duty, we must take even greater steps to organize migrant workers, forge working-class unity, to repel racism and xenophobia, and the brutal exploitation of migrant workers.

Multinationals, local industrialists are ruthless because they base their earnings, which is why they do not take the necessary measures for the health and safety of workers in workplaces. Which is the cause for major employers’ crimes, the deaths of hundreds of workers, most notably the Rana Plaza collapse.

The establishment of our sectoral organization is a necessary step that will make a decisive contribution to the strengthening of our intervention in the sector, and will help to strengthen the World Federation of Trade Unions, which this year celebrates its 75 years of heroic fight for the interests of the workers. Of sacrifices for the world labor movement, 75 years of unrelenting struggle against imperialism and capitalist exploitation.

We promise industry workers that this path will lead to more and better organized forces with the establishment TUI Textile of WFTU

Long Live the WFTU”



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)