PAME Solidarity With USB And its Great Fight To Defend The Workers’ Life And Health in Italy

PAME denounces the operation to silence Italian workers and their right to fight for the protection of their health and life.

Specifically, the so-called “Strike Rights Guarantee Committee” (CGSSE) moved legally against the USB trade union on the occasion of the strike on March 25th. CGSSE claims that calling a strike during a pandemic contributes to creating a wider climate of insecurity and innumerable damage to the community as well as to businesses

In these difficult conditions, the attack on employers and the government against the Italian militant unions, against USB proves that in order to secure the profits of the industrialists they do not stop in front of anything.

Workers in Italy, mainly doctors and health workers, went on strike on March 25 demanding the closure of unnecessary industries that have been turned into death centers in northern Italy. Indeed, doctors who have been struggling with death for weeks on went symbolically been on strike for 1 minute with the message “I can’t strike, do it for me” pointing to the importance of taking steps to protect workers’ and peoples’ lives.

Developments reveal that even in pandemic, industrialists and governments are taking advantage to promote measures to limit workers’ rights.

Instead of quarantining large industries that murder public health, they seek to quarantine workers’ rights. They want to silence the right of workers to complain and to take measures to protect their health and rights. Developments in Italy reveal the hypocrisy of the calls for “national unity” but also the repeated declarations of “individual responsibility”.

It is the responsibility of the state and governments to protect public health by shutting down industries and businesses that engage in mass crime against society.

PAME expresses its support and solidarity with the people of Italy. We welcome the workers and in particular the doctors and all health and social workers for the tremendous fight they are making to protect the health of the people of Italy.

We express our solidarity with the USB trade union and the great fight it gives to defend the lives and health of Italian workers and condemn any persecution against militant workers and trade unions.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)