The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, denounced on Tuesday that a terrorist group is training in Riohacha and Barranquilla (Colombia) to attack Venezuela.

On this case, the sector Vice-president for Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, will detail this Wednesday, March 25, the national dignitary announced.

“I have been forced to alert our people about conspiracies that unfortunately continue and become dangerous because of the hatred they handle”, so “this Wednesday, March 25, Dr. Jorge Rodríguez will offer details on some of these conspiracies and information that we handle from various Colombian and Venezuelan sources”.

The Head of Sstate pointed out that yesterday (Monday) a person (Jorge Alberto Molinares Duque) was captured by the Military Counterintelligence Division with a vehicle that was traveling from Barranquilla to Riohacha highway.

Given the information that some Colombian media have offered, keeping silent on the essentials, President Maduro emphasized: “We have the evidence, the videos; This person was captured with an arsenal of weapons, made up of tactical war teams. This man declared that all these rifles were going to be delivered to a certain person alias Pantera”.

Therefore, he ratified, tomorrow Rodríguez will explain all the details of a terrorist nucleus that trains in Riohacha and Barranquilla, which compiles weapons and says it will attack Venezuela at any time.

“I say this because we have a lot of information and we are going to reveal it completely. I am obliged compatriots to detail information, I am obliged because I have to defend peace, the stability of all Venezuela”…”Venezuela rejects terrorism, violence in all its forms, because I want to guarantee tranquility and the peace of Venezuela in any circumstance and because I know that there is a lot of hatred of those who give orders in the North and of those who support these groups of power in Colombia”.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela