“I am willing to speak with whoever I had to speak in Colombia to have coordination so we can protect the population of the border, with the doctors of Venezuela, Colombia and with all the potential of medicines and equipment for screening cases” that The Coronavirus pandemic has shown (Covid-19).

With these statements, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stepped up to the recent pronouncement issued by former Colombian President Andrés Pastrana, who indicated that he could be an intermediary between Colombian President Iván Duque and Nicolás Maduro, due the imperative need to build bridges in this regard.

“He (Pastrana) made an interesting proposal that I would follow. He said that he was going to be an intermediary between Duque and Maduro, I agree, despite the differences, despite all of Duque’s conspiracies, despite Duque’s support for terrorists to come and kill me, I agree the dialogues between the two governments, to confront the situation of the Coronavirus”.

President Maduro warned that the situation of the Coronavirus “on the border of La Guajira” is to be attended immediately. “Sick indigenous peoples and nobody aiding them. The situation of the coronavirus in Cúcuta is exponential, we have to assist the border”, said the Venezuelan Head of State.

The national dignitary assured that “the Colombian people who live in Venezuela have all the guarantees, protection and support, I cannot say the same for the people of Venezuela who live in Colombia”.

Regarding Pastrana’s position, the Venezuelan President instructed Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza to dedicate himself to it and asked him to speak with Pastrana.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela