“It’s an evil web of hatred, of evil-minded purposes and sentiments. It’s garbage what the Washington Post wrote about Venezuela today. It has the mark of Elliot Abrams and his malice against Venezuela,” said President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela during a televised telephone conversation as he rejected the editorial published by the Washington Post aimed at politicizing the COVID-19 pandemic in Venezuela by distorting the country’s reality.

The Venezuelan president asserted that US imperialism “does not cease waging a campaign against Venezuela.”

He said that despite the world crisis caused by COVID-19, which is also affecting the United States, “they insist on attacking, harassing and harming Venezuela.”

The Washington Post editorial, published on March 20, claims there is “repression” in Venezuela against alleged “opposition demonstrations” (which have not taken place in the country recently), a healthcare system “in a state of collapse,” and lack of “adequate supplies of food.”

Such claims are based on “surveys” of dubious origin.

Amid the COVID-19 emergency, Venezuela has equipped 572 Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers across the country with 4,800 beds to assist the Venezuelan people for free.

Likewise, 46 hospitals have been set up to isolate and treat confirmed coronavirus cases or people suspected of having the coronavirus by following the protocols established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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