“I call on Community Councils, CLAPs, UBCh (Bolivar-Chavez Battle Units) and the People’s Units for Comprehensive Defense to help us identify places where mercenary and paramilitary groups could be. Those who entered Venezuela in March’s darkest night. I ask for the support of the Bolivarian force,” warned President Nicolás Maduro as he explained that these irregular groups are scattered throughout the country and only the civil-military-police union is key to detect them.

The Venezuelan president congratulated the Bolivarian Armed Force (FANB) for its statements, which he described as “brave, intelligent and determined” in favor of peace, loyalty and the Venezuelan Constitution, and suggested the people to read the letter by General-in-chied Vladimir Padrino Lopez.

He pointed out that “even the most rabid opposition supporters of Venezuela can accuse me of whatever they want, but accusing me of drug dealer and terrorist? How far will Donald Trump go with his madness and obsession?”

President Maduro referred to a Fox News survey that suggests Trump will lose next elections by 9 points; hence his desperation about Venezuela.

Presidential Press Office


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela