NATO has announced the holding this year in Europe, including in Portugal, of one of the largest military exercises of the last 25 years, to be held in a phased manner and in several countries by this aggressive political-military bloc.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NATO has decided to maintain them, reducing the size and postponing some of the exercises.

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation considers that NATO’s insistence on carrying out these exercises is all the more serious, when in several countries in Europe the population is suffering from the effects of the pandemic crisis, be it in terms of health, be it at the economic and social level, and the mobilisation of resources is necessary to prevent its spread and to support the affected people and the countries in greatest difficulty.

It is unacceptable that NATO’s Secretary-General insist that, even in the face of the difficulties created by the pandemic, the States must maintain the increase in military spending, reaching at least 2% of the gross domestic product by 2024.

This is a position that clearly reveals the character and principles that guide NATO, which places increased military spending, militarism and interventionism above human rights, such as the right to healthcare, and the well-being of the populations. .

The COVID-19 pandemic proves the urgent need for the establishment of an international order of peace and cooperation that ensures the necessary collective and solidary response to this and other problems that affect humanity.

The CPPC defends that the vast resources consumed by NATO’s astronomical war budgets should be channelled to ensure development and social progress, to ensure the rights to healthcare, education, social security, housing, employment, a decent life for all human beings.

Recalling that the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic stipulates the “dissolution of political-military blocs and the establishment of a collective security system, with a view to creating an international order capable of ensuring peace and justice in relations between peoples”, the CPPC repudiates the holding on national soil of exercises by this warmongering organisation, such as those planned for Beja, now postponed for July.

The CPPC considers it is urgent to dissolve NATO, which is responsible for increasing tension, conflicts and wars in the world.

The military exercises of this warmongering organisation cannot fail to deserve a significant repudiation by all those who yearn for a more just world.

Yes to Peace! No to NATO!

National Board of CPPC