The Press Office of the CC of KKE, by its successive statements during the past days, highlights among other things:

“Rising waves of refugees cannot be faced with repression but with disobedience to the Euro-Atlantic plans

Turkey’s invasion in northern Syria with the support of NATO, the US and the EU, as well as the escalation of military confrontation with Syria and Russia, not only increase the risk of a more general war in the region, but also the waves of uprooted refugees.

The rising waves of refugees, as a result of wars and geopolitical games played to the their detriment, cannot be faced with repression, but with disobedience to the Euro-Atlantic plans that on the one hand disintegrate countries and uproot peoples and on the other hand entrap refugees on islands and borders.

As long as the government does not question EU and NATO policies that support Erdogan for their own interests, the problem will get worse. Refugees and immigrants will simply look for new, more dangerous, escape routes and will be at the mercy of traffickers and governments playing various geopolitical games to their detriment.

The Greek government must now exert maximum pressure and in every possible way on the EU in order for refugees to move to the countries of their real destination. In order to ensure a fair distribution of refugees in the EU countries, against the Dublin Agreement and the EU-Turkey Agreement which has totally failed. “



Communist Youth of Greece