Cuba again sets an example of solidarity and humanity, this time in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, not only providing medical support to so many unassisted people and making great strides in research for the development of a vaccine, but more recently allowing a British cruise with passengers infected with the virus to dock on the revolutionary island.

Meanwhile, countries in Europe and the United States, among many more, close their borders and isolate themselves in the quest to address their own problems, often delayed by the incompetence of their leaders or with efforts hindered by precarious or non-existent public health systems, as in the US, thus jeopardizing the chances of its own people, and especially of the most vulnerable and workers.

In addition to allowing the British cruise to dock on the island, Cuban doctors continue to travel to several countries to face the battle alongside those most in need. In times of crisis and global calamity such as this, the importance of international solidarity becomes even clearer, which Cuba consistently demonstrates based on its values and principles.

We therefore express our admiration and solidarity with the Cuban people and recognition for their fundamental role for so many millions who now count on their support in the most vital need, which is health.

We strongly condemn the perversity of the continued imperialist, criminal and aggressive policy against the largest of the Antilles, which heroically survives the siege imposed by the United States six decades ago to try to stifle an unsubmissive people that, in addition to not bending, continues to act internationally giving an example to the world.

Long live Cuba and solidarity among peoples!

Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council


World Peace Council