The trade union coalition in Palestine warned of the gravity of the situation that has afflicted our Palestinian workers in light of the current crisis since the beginning of this month.  Where the Palestinian workers have had very serious consequences and effects, as more than two hundred thousand workers inside the Israeli labor market were systematically disrupted and more than ten thousand Palestinian workers were prevented from going to work inside the illegal settlements, especially as the Israeli settlements became the headquarters of the corona disease except for the abandonment of the owners  Israelis work for thousands of unorganized workers, raising the unemployment rate in Palestine to more than 65% today.

This indicates the poor social and economic status of Palestinian workers.  Where the financial losses of Palestinian workers were estimated at more than two hundred thousand dollars on a daily basis, as a minimum of 564 A.  Muhammad Arqawi, head of the Trade Union Confederation in Palestine, called on the Palestinian government to find emergency and gradual solutions consistent with its capabilities and the continuity of decent living for the Palestinian worker.  Arqawi also called on the competent authorities to find a mechanism that provides the dignity and comfort of workers during the processes of soliciting workers and directing them to the preventive medical examination necessary to protect and ensure the safety of workers.

Arqawi expressed his dissatisfaction with some behavior from some quarters during the stopping and searching for workers in a difficult way for the workers.  While emphasizing that workers must abide by the decisions of the Palestinian Cabinet demanding to provide a mechanism to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian workers.  The trade union coalition in Palestine demanded that workers have to undergo a medical examination.  In the statement, the Trade Union Confederation in Palestine praised the role of Palestinian medical and security staff for their struggle for the safety of workers.


World Federation of Trade Unions