This time the “best place to work” or, for those that have not understood, Teleperformance has crossed the line, informing colleagues that will be working from home, that they will be watched through cameras. Using the pretext of securing the customers personal data and based on the inhuman policy of Teleperformance’s clean desk (according to which personal objects and all kinds of writing materials are forbidden in the workplace), they are claiming that this should be continued during working from home!

Based on the above the company tramples all sense of personal life of workers! Aligned and inspired by the restrictive measures of the government, they want to turn our personal space in a company styled Guantanamo for us all!

As if it was not enough that all this time their buildings are anti-hygiene bombs with people being piled up and risking their health. Furthermore they have not ensured even the proper prerequisites for working from home (internet connection, electrical power costs, proper infrastructure to work in front of a screen, breaks etc) – things that company is responsible for – they are putting essentially another burden to the workers, forcing them to have their boss as a warden, at the time of their at home quarantine. Teleperformance is the only responsible for securing employees’ and customers’ the personal data . We will not accept to be considered the responsible for that. The company tries to take advantage of the situation in order  to ensure with every possible way the continuation of production for the company, with the least possible cost.

Of course this attempt is the icing on the cake of the unacceptable practices of the company, which attempts with any way to convince the workers, that between them there lies no boss – worker relationship, but furthermore a family one. Maybe that is why they are seeking the role of the “big brother”!

They want to keep paving the way of work intensification and convince the workers for the positives of flexible work, which they advocate for. All this now under their never resting gaze! They want to form workers that will be always available for work, that will say “yes” to everything. They have done so once more with the “voluntary overtime”, that was nothing but voluntary eventually, since the workers fear a potential lay off in case they do not do overtime.

We are warning in all levels and volumes the management, not to dare to invade in the lives of our colleagues! We get in touch with our Union, SETIP. The only way to resist this inferno, is collective struggle and action! We fight in a class oriented way! Hands off the personal lives of the workers! No one alone! No one silenced!      


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)