USB ItaliaTo date, Thursday, March 12 in Italy we are 15.133 infected with corona virus, 1016 dead, 583 positive among health workers.

On the evening of March 9, 2020, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced an immediate law by which the government establishes a “safe zone” throughout the country.

The indication to citizens is to stay in their homes, from which it will be possible to leave for food supplies and emergency cases. Schools and universities will be closed until April 3, bars and restaurants will have to close at 6 pm as will all offices where electronic working has been activated. The measures are appropriate, necessary, probably late, for the protection of the health of citizens and certain sectors of the working world. But the entire production, distribution structure and means of transport continue to function.

USB is monitoring all sectors and all production, logistics and service facilities to ensure maximum security against any attempt to reduce wages.

In some working realities, such as at Bartolini di Caorso (logistics), where the safety regulations contained in the government decrees are not respected, USB has sanctioned the strike, just as we have proclaimed the state of agitation in all logistics warehouses. USB indicates to call the strike in every working place when security norms are not followed.

Today, more than ever before, the total legitimacy of our strong and tenacious denunciation of past and current responsibilities for the state of public health, corporatisation, privatisation, subjugation to a balanced budget, dismantling of the public in favour of the private sector, the uselessness of the private sector in emergency situations, and regionalisation emerges more clearly than ever.

All that we know and have always cried out loudly today is confirmed to be true, without anyone being able to challenge the rightness of our analysis and our struggles.

We are, however, forced, in this emergency phase, to limit ourselves often only to trade union complaints. In this emergency phase it is impossible to imagine mass mobilization in support of our reasons.

In workplaces the air has become rarefied and leaden, places of culture are closed, from schools to universities to museums. There is an even more accentuated disposition to the personal solution that is grafted onto a tendency towards individualism and social egotism that we have repeatedly placed at the centre of our reflections and that will only consolidate in the immediate future.

An authoritarian impulse emerges hidden under the breath of national unity, which can open the doors to the criminalization of those who dare to report delays, direct responsibility of the European Union. We are committed daily to breaking this climate of “inter-classist unity”, starting with the denunciation of the dismantling of the public National Health System, which is at the root of the difficulties encountered today in blocking the corona virus pandemic. Together with the denunciation of this incontrovertible reality, we will fight to claim guarantees and protections not only in terms of health but also in terms of wages and job preservation, for those who do not intend to abdicate their right of criticism and action.

An exact analysis is being made that the capitalist system can only destroy the planet. This is what is happening, through ever new forms that confirm the classical theory of dialectical materialism, in this case through a real pandemic, violent, that knows no rules, does not bend to the will and needs of profit but reveals all the transience of a system incapable of adequately defending humanity.

China’s reaction has instead been determined, ready as far as possible, in all evidence because the apparatus of the State has not hesitated, has chosen the protection of health instead of the economy, has risked becoming invulnerable to its people by ferociously applying rules of conduct that everyone has respected because they recognize the authority of the indications given to them.

What we can hope for and for which we must work is that this, which risks being a huge tragedy, will really serve to shift the axis of history, making what until yesterday belonged to us and was denied by most people into mass awareness.

In other words, changing the current state of affairs is not only necessary, but today it may become possible, in the midst of the social war that will be unleashed due to a crisis that will probably be much more serious than the one that broke out in 2008.



World Federation of Trade Unions