The Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza called on the Colombian and Brazilian governments on Thursday to display good judgement and give precedence to the protection of their peoples over political differences in the fight against coronavirus.

“I have decided to declare a state of permanent emergency in the Healthcare System to prevent, protect and upgrade all its capacity to address cases that could be eventually detected in the country,” announced President Nicolás Maduro during a press conference at the Presidential Miraflores Palace.

The measures announced include the suspension of all flights from Europe and Colombia for 30 days.

President Maduro did not rule out the possibility of closing the borders with Colombia and Brazil.

“We have considered the possibility of closing the borders with Colombia and Brazil, but we need coordination with the health authorities of the Colombian and Brazilian governments. We insist on putting aside our differences,” he added.

Venezuela’s health authorities are coordinating with private hospitals and health centers so that they join the epidemiological surveillance and care protocols.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela