Sectorial Vice President of Communication, Tourism, and Culture Jorge Rodríguez informed on Thursday, March 19, that the social, collective quarantine decreed by the Venezuelan government has been effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Venezuela.

During a press briefing to give an update on the Venezuelan government’s permanent COVID-19 monitoring, he explained that the aim is to be two steps ahead of the virus and prevent a wide spread.

Rodríguez pointed out that self-isolation at home has been “strictly” observed, “but some people are still going out with no reason and they’re exposing themselves;” therefore, he stressed that “together, in family and united in solidarity, we will kill this virus.”

“The only thing that really works to prevent this pandemic is collective quarantine. By decreeing a quarantine, we are anticipating and preventing a wide spread of major proportions,” he said.

Sectorial Vice President Rodríguez highlighted that “the most important thing is to flatten the curve to assist detected cases. That’s why we require the citizens’ cooperation by observing the quarantine measure decreed last Monday by President Nicolás Maduro.”

Current figures

As of Wednesday, March 18, 36 cases had been reported. Between last night and today’s morning, six new cases were detected for a total of 42 coronavirus patients in the country. They all are receiving medical care according to the existing protocols.

“All the necessary medicines and supplies are guaranteed to address this pandemic. The only thing the people have to do is to stay at home. Today, 4,000 test kits arrived from China and we’ll be able to quickly take samples of 320,000 people. The centers to assist all coronavirus cases are available throughout the country.”

Rodríguez asserted that “solidarity kills this virus. Discipline and compassion in their deepest root: To accompany others. This is an issue that concerns us all. There are no political colors. We believe the key factor is to be two steps ahead of the infection, to anticipate and prevent serious problems other countries of the world are facing.”

International reality

With the help of videos and slides, Rodríguez informed that in Spain coronavirus cases rose by 25% in 24 hours, representing more than 3,000 people infected, because preventative measures were not observed.

As of March 17, Spain had reported 11,826 cases. One day later, cases rose to 14,769. It was a 25% increase overnight.

He showed a video where MD Jesés Candel affirms that Spain “has never faced something like this. It’s like a horror movie.”


Italy’s death toll has overtaken China’s because they implemented measures too late. In 24 hours, it experienced a 13% increase (2,000 more cases), and the infection rate is alarming.

In the United States there was a 45% increase of coronavirus cases in only 24 hours.

“You sure remember that the government of that country looked down on COVID-19. They said it was a minor complaint, but cases have skyrocketed in that country.”

Colombia does not react

Rodríguez pointed that “it seems there’s no willingness by the Colombian authorities to work together to contain this virus. We have detected potential cases due to contacts with people in Cucuta.”

Looking after family

“This is not an issue of chavistas versus pro-opposition followers. This is not an issue of one particular party. This is an issue that concerns us all,” stressed Rodríguez.

Venezuela has millions of Interferon and Hydroxychloroquine doses.

“It’s necessary that the Venezuelan people understand that when they stay at home, they are looking after their wives, children, and parents. When you stay at home, you look after your family,” he asserted.

The Venezuelan sectorial vice president underscored that the Social and Collective Quarantine Decree is aimed at “anticipating and preventing the spread of the virus and flattening the infection curve to address confirmed cases.”

Sectorial Vice President of Communication, Tourism, and Culture Jorge Rodríguez invited the Venezuelan population to read and discuss the Coronavirus Prevention Handbook that can be found and downloaded from social networks.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela