The People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations Jorge Arreaza said on Wednesday that the countries of Europe intend to distract their public opinion from the erratic handling of the coronavirus by expressing concern about the pandemic in Venezuela.

The pronouncement arose in response to the attack by Germany, France and the United Kingdom that debated this April 28 in the virtual session of the UN Security Council, the alleged impact that the economic situation of Venezuela has had on humanitarian care, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This ignoring the efforts made by the Bolivarian Government that in coordination with the World Health Organization, the United Nations System, the International Red Cross and allied countries has managed to enter medical supplies, diagnostic tests and treatments that are provided free of charge to the Venezuelan people.

“Europe that has collapsed due to the erratic handling of the coronavirus aims to distract its public opinion by expressing concern about the pandemic in Venezuela, where we have controlled the Covid-19 in an exemplary way, with our own methods and the people’s conscience”, wrote the Chancellor. on his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

To date, Venezuela has registered a total of 329 confirmed cases, a very low rate when compared to France and Germany, which exceed 160,000 infections.

In this sense, he denounced that the European Union cynically imposes sanctions on the Caribbean country and in turn asks not to politicize humanitarian aid while its governments refuse to coordinate assistance with the constitutional government of Venezuela, and at the same time make shipments to third countries or organizations of dubious origin for uncertain purposes.

The People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations also mentioned the support of the independent States.

“While the Independent States defended our sovereignty by recognizing the efforts and achievements in the control of Covid-19, the group of countries in Europe ratified their total subordination to Washington’s policy of aggression”, he condemned.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela