“From Colombia, more than 10,000 Venezuelans have entered,” said President Nicolás Maduro during a meeting with domestic education authorities.

These Venezuelans were victims of deceit as they were looking for “better lives” and only received scorn, “misery, xenophobia and destruction,” he said.

The Venezuelan president also reported that “more than 3,000 Venezuelans have kept quarantine and undergone PCR tests to detect COVID-19.”

Once they complete their preventive quarantine, they are taken to their homes in different states across the country.

According to estimates, 600,000 Venezuelans “fleeing from misery and corona-hunger” will arrive soon to the Colombia-Venezuela border.

On Monday, April 20, Colombia’s President Iván Duque extended the country’s mandatory quarantine until May 11.

Colombia has registered more than 4,140 COVID-19 cases and 196 deaths so far.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela