April 1, 2020

The Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC) strongly rejects the statement by the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs (MNE), on March 31, which constitutes a new and unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, an affront to the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people and, consequently, a disregard for the principles of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, the UN Charter and international law.

MNE’s statement salutes the Trump administration’s unacceptable and shameful blackmail against Venezuela that – manipulating of the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic – conditions the gradual lifting of its illegal and criminal sanctions and economic and financial blockade against the Venezuelan people on Venezuela’s acceptance of the imposition of a so-called “transitional government” protected by the US and on the sidelines of the Constitution of Venezuela.

Recall that the Trump administration systematically prevents the acquisition of medication and medical material and equipment by the Venezuelan authorities to guarantee the right to health of its people – an act all the more criminal when Venezuela currently adopts active measures to prevent and combat the COVID-19 epidemic.

This prompt collusion with yet another step in the US’s desperate attempt to overthrow the legitimate Venezuelan government represents a further act of vassalage by the Portuguese government before the Trump administration’s disorder, contrary to the interests of the Venezuelan people, the large Portuguese community residing in Venezuela and the Portuguese people.

The Portuguese government thus associates itself with Donald Trump and those who with him intend, at all costs, to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela and impose a puppet government, and thus reverse the process of political, economic, social and cultural advances in Venezuela and put the vast natural resources of that country at the service of US interests.

Support for this new US maneuver is yet another episode in the already long series of cases – such as the completely arbitrary recognition of Juan Guaidó as “president”, something that even the US itself no longer admits as plausible – where the Portuguese government opted for subservience to the US, to the detriment of defending international law and the interests of the Portuguese people.

With this behavior, the Portuguese government disregards the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, which, in its Article 7, stipulates the principles that govern the country’s international relations. Among them, respect for the rights of peoples, equality among states, non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, national independence. These principles are in total opposition with the submissive attitude towards the US policy of aggression against Venezuela, which has characterized the Portuguese government’s position.

What a Portuguese government that respects the Constitution and international law should do is, from the outset, unequivocally condemn the consecutive US aggressions and threats against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the cruel financial and economic blockade imposed by the US, which affects the Venezuelan people, as well as the Portuguese community, in such fundamental areas as food and health.

Reaffirming its full solidarity with the Venezuelan people, the legitimate Government of Venezuela and the Bolivarian forces, CPPC strongly urges the Portuguese Government to stop aligning with those who want to impose their will upon the peoples of the world and pillage their resources, and, in contrast, implement a foreign policy of peace and co-operation with all the peoples of the world, consistent with the Constitution of the Republic, which enshrines the core values of the April Revolution.

National Board of CPPC


World Peace Council