Political organizations, social movements and international networks are calling for an International Week of Anti-imperialist Struggle on May 1 adapted to current sanitary conditions.

For more than 100 years, the International Worker’s Day on May 1 has brought millions of people from political and worker’s movements to the streets, but now, the necessary policies of social isolation imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic will prevent the organization of traditional gatherings to commemorate the day.

Therefore, and open and participative campaign has been called to highlight the unity of the working class and the critical situation created by the pandemic.

“Voices and faces of the working class” is the name of the campaign that will be run by sharing videos of up to 30 seconds.

In the videos, the participants must answer one single question: “Who sustains the world during the pandemic?”, speak in their mother languages, mention their jobs or trades, and use the logo of their workplace.

Participants must also mention the country they live in and what the coronavirus crisis entails for them in their workplace.

“In this period of the pandemic, we must continue to maintain international spaces of coordination to stop US imperialism, and defend life, peace, and social justice,” reads the declaration of the political organizations and social movements calling for this activity.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela