Solidarity, struggle and defense of workers’ rights to combat an outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic

In the context of the outbreak of the Corona virus, which is sweeping more countries around the world, the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU) expresses its solidarity with the workers and peoples of the Arab world and in all parts of the globe. Appreciating the great sacrifices made by those who stand on the front lines of confrontation with this deadly epidemic, doctors, nurses, and volunteers. Calling for redoubling efforts and international cooperation in combating and preventing the spread of this deadly epidemic and ensuring human health and safety. Reducing attempts to attack workers’ rights and wages. And exploiting the difficult economic conditions resulting from the spread of the epidemic as an excuse for employers to lay off workers and undermine the fundamental workers’ rights, and social security guarantees. Which lead to an increase in the social and living distress of the people with  low-income and wages  and making  the workers pay the cost of the increasing economic crisis that is burdened  by  public health problems and the fragility of the hospital system in many capitalist countries as well as the lack of integration solidarity among them, which predicts the collapse of geopolitical blocs established by the globalization and new world order.

ICATU is also looking with great concern about the spread of the emerging virus in developing countries, where economies and health care schemes are more fragile, which instead of subsidizing and providing them with medical and vital assistance. The neoliberal countries impose on them the conditions of dependency and the dictates of the IMF. and the World Bank, which exacerbates their economic and social problems as well as the health crisis.

ICATU. expresses its grave concern for the situation of the Palestinian refugees and displaced Syrians, who are trapped in overcrowded camps that will be fertile ground for the spread of the corona virus, a situation that requires direct intervention from UNRWA,UNCR,WHO and all humanitarian organizations to take urgent measures to protect their health and safety.

 ICATU also demands the United Nations and the Security Council to intervene immediately to provide medical and humanitarian assistance to confront the deadly epidemic and lift the unjust embargo, sanctions and aggression practiced by American imperialism against free and independent countries that refuse to submit to their hegemony and surrender to their will.

ICATU expresses its full solidarity with the Palestinian workers and people who suffer from the aggressive and repressive measures of the Israeli occupier, which have been exacerbated arbitrarily and reprehensibly with the health crisis and the spread of the Corona epidemic, which is facing the Zionist aggression fiercely. The Union calls on the United Nations, especially the World Health Organization (WHO) and human rights organization, to intervene immediately to release Palestinian detainees from Israeli prisons, which have become like the Nazi genocide detention centers.

ICATU reiterates its call for unity and labor solidarity in facing the economic and social repercussions of this devastating pandemic. It calls on governments and employers’ organizations to secure occupational health and safety standards to the workers alongside securing decent work opportunities and social protection in order to achieve social justice and a guarantee of stability and global peace.


Secretary General

Ghassan Ghosn


World Federation of Trade Unions