We denounce the IT multinational company “Beat” (formerly “Taxi-beat”), which proceeded with layoffs, wage cuts and imposition of casual work in the middle of a pandemic. The company “Beat”, taking advantage of the anti-workers´measures voted by the government in the name of tackling the pandemic, but also the entire anti-workers legal arsenal voted by the previous governments, is taking measures from now on to boost its profitability the next day and throw all the burdens on the backs of the workers.

Against these developments the Union of Telecom-IT of Athens, SETIP, called for a 3hour strike today, April 9.

The effort made by all workers to tackle the pandemic cannot and should not be an obstacle to the fight for the protection of our labor rights.

We call on the unions to support and express their solidarity with the workers in BEAT company


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)