The communist party of Cyprus, known as the “Progressive Party of Working People” or by its Greek acronym “AKEL”, has fought for the unification of their island country for nearly a century. In this week’s episode of The Specter, special guest Vera Polycarpou, gives us an inside look into Cyprus’s struggle for unification and socialism. Vera currently serves as Head of the International Relations Bureau of AKEL and is a member of the party’s Central Committee. Vera previously served as head of AKEL’s delegation in the European Parliament from 2004 to 2015.

U.S. imperialism often dominates the conversation, but what about Turkish and British imperialism from these two other prominent members of NATO? European imperialism plagues Cyprus and currently occupies half of the island. In addition to imperialist occupation, “Free Cyprus” is a member of the European Union and AKEL won a historical victory with its election of the first communist president in the EU in 2008. How will the island be united? How will socialism be established under the leadership of AKEL? How does AKEL play a unifying role to lead the working-class in the direction of a unified, multi-ethnic, sovereign state?

The working-class must be unified in order to advance toward socialism, and above all, we must unite to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and growing fascist and imperialist threat to world peace around the globe! Join Vera and Maicol while they discuss all of this and more on the latest episode of “The Specter”!


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