USB ItaliaWe support workers of commerce in Greece, they have to go on strike to ask health and safe work place.

Workers in the super markets are working with self-sacrifice, to serve consumers and so that nothing is missing from people’s homes. But these workers also have lives, they have families, they have the same fears, the same problems and the same needs that we all have.

They need protections: with masks, gloves and even special glasses, distance among them and distance from clients.

In Italy we asked for protection of workers in commerce sector too, we called a general strike last 25 of march.
In France, a strike took place in supermarkets on April 8, entitled “strike to save lives”.
Health and safe before profits is the slogan of workers and people, we have to fight in this situation to defend our right to live.

All unions of commerce supermarket workers and private sector employees, businesses and industries across the Greece to set Wednesday, April 15, as the day of intervention and action, information and demand in the workplaces of the supermarket chains. Maintaining all the necessary protection measures, greek cadres, Pame members to go in stores, at the start of shifts, at breaks, at the end of the shifts. To highlight the demands for protection, to support colleagues in the super markets, to denounce the employers’ arbitrariness.
PAME call colleagues in the super markets to defend their lives, the lives of their families. To put forward the issues of protection, their health, their rights.
No one to be left alone against the pandemic
All over Greece-April 15 Game organizes National Action Day of Workers in Commerce-Supermarkets

USB is with you and your struggles



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)