During its Session on 07.04.2020, which took place through video conference, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the WFTU Secretariat among others decided the following:

  1. The militant celebration of this year’s May Day must be a new step forward for the trade unions all over the world to demand Public Free Healthcare for all workers and the Peoples. The Proletarian Internationalism and solidarity among the World Working Class must be strengthened. We must intensify the struggle in defense of the work and dignified life of workers, migrants, pensioners, refugees and the unemployed.
    We must counter-fight the anti-labor attacks of governments and capitalists.
    The WFTU declaration and posters on the 1st of May 2020 will be released soon.
  1. Because of the difficulties that generates the Coronavirus Pandemic, the celebratory events on the 75th Anniversary of the WFTU will be re-adjusted and developed in a time period when the restrictions on movement and communication among the citizens will have been removed. If necessary, some events on the WFTU 75th Anniversary will be transferred for the next year. When possible, the forms of communication through video conferences and discussions will be utilized.
  2. The Secretariat salutes and welcomes with open arms the new members that gave their affiliation request under crucial circumstances. This way, all together we strengthen our big class-oriented family and make our struggle more effective.
  3. The Secretariat conveys its condolences to the families of all workers who lost their people. Once more, it congratulates the workers who work under difficult circumstances in order to produce all goods and conveys its warm congratulations to the workers of the Public Health sector who give a heroic struggle without the necessary supplies and equipment for the medical care and treatment of the patients.

The Secretariat

Athens, 07.04.2020


World Federation of Trade Unions