The Communist Youth of KNE denounces the murder of the 46-year-old Afro-American unemployed man, George Floyd, committed by a white policeman in Minneapolis, USA. This is one more murder  that comes to be added to the list of the countless victims of police and racist violence in the USA.

This latest murder, characterised by the image of the policeman kneeling on the victim’s neck,  leading to his suffocation, has caused the just rage and repulsion of millions of workers and young people in the US and all over the world. It shows the barbaric attitude of the bourgeois state, the “ metropolis of capitalism”, the “much-advertised democracy of USA”, against workers, unemployed and poor people, like Floyd, who are trying to make a living.

The government of Trump like the one of his predecessor, Afro-American Obama, and all the American governments to this date, either Republican or Democrat ones, bear huge responsibilities, because  racist crimes, police violence and repression never ceased to exist. At the same time, with their internal policy in the US, as well as with the wars and imperialist interventions they wage abroad, they feed the racial and nationalist hatred, fascism; they cause bloodshed and huge pain to the peoples. This is the reason why the government of New Democracy, SYRIZA and the other parties are exposed once again for considering the USA an “associate” of the Greek people, having turned the entire territory of Greece into a US-NATO base.

Especially today, the consequences of the pandemic and the capitalist economic crisis, the huge unemployment and the accelerating poverty in the USA and internationally, reveal the criminal nature and the dead ends of capitalism. The American people, along with the peoples from all the countries of the world, have the power to smash the bourgeoisie’s attempt to freeze the people’s rights and demands.


Communist Youth of Greece