Since Friday, May 15, many seasonal workers, working at „Spargelhof Ritter“ are on strike. It‘s about salaries not payed till now. The workers should be paid between 1,500€ to 2,000€ a month. After one month of hard work the farmer paid only 100€ to 300€.

More than this, many of the workers live in containers without any heating. 4 to 5 persons are living in one room, what is unacceptable under normal circumstances, the more it is in times of corona-pandemia. There were no or less explanations about safety precautions facing the pandemia, even no or less distribution of protective clothing like masks.

The FAU Bonn is in contact with the seasonal workers and supports their struggle to make the bosses pay, for better accommodations and health protection.

Support the seasonal workers in their struggle for salary and dignity

We didn’t accept the situation any longer because the workers are not paid now. The FAU Bonn supports the struggle for salary and dignity locally since the workers are on strike. To support the workers in their struggle, to give financial aid to them and pay a lawyers counseling, we need your help.

Please transfer on the bank account of FAU Düsseldorf:
IBAN: DE25 3506 0386 1112 5200 05
purpose: Spargel Ritter


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