Brazil has the third most confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the world, surpassing for the first time the barrier of 1,000 daily deaths from the disease and registering 1,179 new cases this Tuesday.

Brazil has reported 271,628 infections since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the country, according to the last official balance, only behind the U.S. and Russia.

This occurs while the Ministry of Health is adrift, with no one in charge.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is looking for a new minister who supports new economic activities, repealing quarantines, and who takes a pro-chloroquine stance.

Chloroquine still lacks sufficient studies in the scientific world to support its effectiveness.

Three of Brazil’s main medical institutions have advised against the use of chloroquine to treat patients with COVID-19, despite Bolsonaro’s order to increase production of this medicine.

Opposition to chloroquine, an antimalarial drug that can have serious side effects, was highlighted in a joint statement by the Brazilian Association of Intensive Care Medicine, the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases and the Brazilian Society of Pneumology.

Bolsonaro’s position in favor of the drug generated friction with the last two ministers of health who left office at the height of the pandemic.


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