Commemorating on the 40th anniversary of the Gwangju People’s Uprising on May 18 in 1980, the South Korean Office of WFTU held the demonstrations in front of the Seoul Government Complex.

Gwangju Uprising is a history of the anti-US struggle. The South Korean Office of WFTU will inherit the spirit of Gwangju Uprising under the banner of WFTU and surely withdraw the US troops, the source of war and root of all evil, from South Κorea.

Stop the war exercise against North Korea!

Succeed to the spirit of Gwangju Uprising! Withdraw the US troops from South Korea!

US troops oppressing peace and reunification Out of Korea!

The heroic Gwangju People’s Uprising was the armed resistance fighting with gun against the military dictatorship in 1980s and it was the historic uprising which had disclosed that South Korea was a colony of the US imperialist in all aspects of military, politics, economy and culture. The Gwangju People’s Uprising was already designated as a national memorial day but the investigation to reveal the truth and the punishment of those responsible have been completely ignored. The Committee for Fact-finding of Gwangju Uprising says that it will take action to investigate the Gwangju Uprising officially. But revealing the truth of the Uprising that evil forces have hidden and concealed, is far-off. Because the organization do not have investigative rights.

Τhe slaughter Chun Doo-hwan should be arrested and return his whole property back to the worker and the people. We should re-appropriate all property of those in power condemned for crimes of corruption including Chun Doo-hwan so as to make the economic resources of unemployment benefit, 500,000 won every month. And we should go forward the way of abolishing unemployment and precarious workers. The spirit of many patriotic martyrs is the spirit of people’s uprising and people’s democracy which is still alive vividly today. The people in Gwangju inherited the historic tradition of people’s sovereignty that achieved a perfect liberated city of people’s autonomy centered on the workers and the people for 5 days after the martial law army left.

We will continuously advance the day of people’s democracy where the very workers and the people, who have desperately defended the Gwangju provincial government building, become the master of the society.


World Federation of Trade Unions