Seventy-five years ago the peoples of the world defeated Nazi-fascism and humanity faced the horror that was the rise to power of the terrorist dictatorships of the most reactionary, chauvinistic and imperialist elements of financial capital.

Historical development prior to World War II shows us how fascism converted itself into a torturous system for the world’s working class and was the shock troop of the global counterrevolution. What more, fascism showed itself to be the main incendiary element of the second great imperialist war, which looked to build a new division of the world, as well as preventing the advance of the experience that was building in the USSR and which signaled a new hope for the peoples of the world.
The context of the general crisis of the global capitalist system was one of the main reasons why the bourgeoisie used this instrument to contain workers’ struggles, which demanded better conditions in the context of the struggle to build a government in the service of the interests of the working class as in the Soviet Union.
Today, the peoples of the world are facing a new global crisis of the system, which brings with it the prospect of worsening material living conditions for all, as well as increased poverty, hunger, and as such, increased willingness by the major imperialist powers to wage a new hawkish war.
We must point out the dangers and risks which today loom over the world, as we are faced with the possibility of a resurgence of fascism. However, people still remember the suffering and horrors of the past, and our main task must be to unite the people and avoid a new outbreak of Nazi-fascism at all costs.
From the Committee for International Solidarity and the Struggle for Peace (COSI) we celebrate this day of victory as well as recognizing the great role played by the USSR in freeing humanity from fascism. We also commemorate the millions of lives lost to this war, which only served large capital. We extend our greatest commitment to struggle to prevent attempts stemming from Europe to reinterpret history and equate communism to fascism.
Let us comply with the slogan of international organizations that emerged after the Second World War and build a stable and lasting peace.


World Peace Council