Through a press release, Heike Hänsel, Vice-president of the parliamentary group of the political party Die Linke in the German Bundestag, condemned the recent attempts of a military invasion in Venezuela.

Here is the statement:

May 5, 2020

The evident attempt of a group of mercenaries to invade Venezuela shows the means through which the opponents of President Maduro’s government want to achieve a regime change. Although much of what happened on the target day is still unclear, the involvement of the American merchant company Silvercorp USA Inc. with close contacts to the White House is confirmed. Forcing the destabilization of Venezuela in times of the coronavirus pandemic shows the unscrupulousness of the foreign policy of the United States, to which the German government should no longer chain itself to instead support a peaceful political solution in Venezuela.

It is completely incomprehensible that the German government and the EU continue to maintain their support for self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó, despite the fact that, according to Silvercorp US chief Goudreau, he has used US money to finance the attempted military coup and to have met with far-right paramilitaries in Colombia. His recurring coup attempts are at the same time part of an aggressive US policy, which wants to force a government change in Venezuela with a deadly cocktail of economic sanctions and military threat. The German government must now finally correct its failed policy towards Venezuela and accept the principles of international law.

Heike Hänsel is a federal deputy and vice-president of the Die Linke parliamentary group in the German Bundestag.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela