Photo: KNEThe Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) held a motorcycle protest in the centre of Athens on Tuesday 5 May, against the despicable bill of the Ministry of Environment, which includes a number of destructive provisions for the natural resources of Greece.

When the protest reached the Parliament building, they put up a banner with the slogan “They destroy the Earth and our lives – Their system needs to be overthrown”. With slogans on the picket signs they were holding and the flyers they were throwing all over the centre of Athens, KNE members denounced this bill by declaring that the “green business” it promotes are sacrificing the environment and the people’s contemporary needs to the business interests and that the liberal ND government is walking the path of the social-democratic SYRIZA by degrading the lives of the people and the youth. They called upon every worker, student and school student of the country to fight for environmental protection because, according to one of the slogans, “the struggle for environmental protection is a struggle against capitalist barbarity, a struggle for socialism”.

More precisely, the bill that the government ultimately voted into law, is handing over mountains, lakes and even national parks of outstanding natural beauty to business groups, as a means to find a profitable way out for their stagnant capitals especially before the new capitalist crisis. During the discussion over the bill, the KKE parliament members highlighted that the true enemy of the environment is the pursuit of profit, while they targeted the anti-environmental EU policy that is promoting the so-called “green economy” by solemnly aiming not at protecting the environment but at providing a way out for the over-accumulated capitals. The Renewable Energy Sources that were used for private individuals to enter the electric energy production are utilised in this direction, resulting in the increase of the electricity price for the people and the environmental degradation. For example, wind farms were set up in several mountain areas without any planning concerning damage to ecosystems or flood protection projects.

The slogans on the picket signs:“Green business” sacrifice the environment and our needs to the business interests and “Green business” for capital, degradation of life for the people and the youth

Furthermore, the bill includes articles that provocatively favour the multinational companies of hydrocarbon extraction or facilitate business activity in the tourism industry, even in national parks. Lastly, the anti-people’s management of waste is legislated, with the landfill sites smothering in garbage the labour neighbourhoods of Athens.

What is remarkable is that the way for this specific bill of ND was paved by SYRIZA, by being the first to grant permission for hydrocarbon extractions in Natura Protection areas, liberate energy, generalise the landfill sites etc.

The struggle for environmental protection, is a struggle against capitalist barbarity, a struggle for socialism

Statement of Giorgos Marinos on the Enviromental Law


Communist Youth of Greece