North American mercenaries will be tried before Venezuelan authorities respecting all their rights according to the law, assured President Nicolás Maduro, when questioned about the fate of these terrorists involved in the new escalation of aggression against Venezuela by the Donald Trump administration.

“These Americans have confessed their guilt, have violated international and Venezuelan law, they are in the hands of justice (…) and they are going to be tried with all their rights”, Maduro explained during an interactive press conference with the international media, from the Headquarters of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

The Americans respond to the names Luke Denman and Airan Berry and were captured last Monday off the coast of Chuao, Aragua state, along with six other mercenaries.

“These Americans have found a diferent Venezuela with an institutional strength that they did not expect, with a solid people that surprised them, with a cohesive armed force and solid police forces and institutions that changed the scheme”, he said.

Regarding to the owner of the Silvercorp USA company, Jordan Goudreau, who publicly attributed to himself the criminal action against Venezuela, he said that the Venezuelan authorities will begin the processes to request his extradition.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela