On this 29th of April 2020, the Brazilian Committee for Peace in Venezuela strongly denounces the expulsion of 28 Venezuelan diplomatic officials from Brazil. The Bolsonaro Government again plays the main role as a puppet of US imperialism by expelling from Brazil the entire Venezuelan diplomatic corps and, in their place, installing in Brasilia a putschist group to represent the Venezuelan people.

In many occasions this Committee has denounced the escalation of attacks of the imperialist bloc led by the United States against the Venezuelan people’s sovereignty and self-determination. Plotting with the international oil companies and banks, the US Government promotes a brutal colonization, plundering and blocking the territories that are rich in raw materials, attempting an actual partition of the nations’ sovereignty.

Serving the US, the Bolsonaro Government behaves like Trump’s employee and again feeds into imperialist putschism in our region.

Bolsonaro shatters any possibility of peace inside and outside Brazil. By expelling diplomats appointed through a sovereign prerrogative by the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro, and replacing them with an illegitimate group, the Bolsonaro Government simultaneously violates the Brazilian Constitution, the Vienna Convention and the United Nations Charter. Trampling over international law with this position towards Venezuela is to violate the Venezuelan people’s sovereignty and self-determination.

What does the Brazilian people stand to gain by answering to Washington’s requests? Instead of solving the accumulated economic, political, social, and especially health crises, with more than 78 thousand people infected and over 5,000 deaths due to COVID-19, the Bolsonaro Government wastes time and public resources to strengthen his role of a Trump Government employee.

In that sense, the Brazilian Committee for Peace in Venezuela and the organizations and individuals undersigned vehemently reject the vassal and genocidal conduct of the Bolsonaro Government when he expells from Brazil the legitimate diplomatic corps. To the 28 Venezuelan brothers and sisters: our full solidarity! We are with you and repudiate this sycophantic Bolsonaro Government.

São Paulo, 29th of April 2020


World Peace Council