Dear workers ..

We are honored, first of all, to address every worker and worker in our redeemed country with the most sincere greetings on our International Labor Day, which is devoted to a world day and Labor Day celebrated annually, as we recall with respect and appreciation the martyrs of the first labor uprising known to mankind in Chicago and all the martyrs who fell later In the fields of the struggle against brutal imperialism, capitalist exploitation, human slavery and terrorism, and for a world of peace, and equality, workers have rights and freedoms, achievements and dignity are preserved.

Dear workers …

Our first of May comes this year, at a difficult time for all of humanity, where the Corona pandemic threatens the lives of millions of people, paralyzes most areas of life and its activities in all countries, and inflicts the greatest harm on the world’s workers with its immediate and future repercussions .. Unemployment increases every hour, impoverishment grows continuously and millions cannot manage to survive their day. The pill and the possibilities of health treatment, and this and that of the current repercussions are accompanied by the paralysis that affected various economic and productive activities, and studies confirm that the world is heading towards the worst economic and living crisis since the Second World War, which increases the burdens and problems Facing the current world working class and trade union movements and all of humanity, especially since these are the ones who have paid and are paying the price of the globalization policies of savage capitalism of their achievements, their rights and acquisitions.

This pandemic exposed the hypocrisy of a merchant in the West with flashy slogans that fell one after the other in the field of dealing with the pandemic of the age, and exposed faults of a system that has long been portrayed falsely and fading as the best and most complete, so if it fails to provide the necessary treatment and protection for everyone .. “And the matter came to that the president of American has reached the stage of neglecting human life and demanded the sterilization of the people … So what is that humanity that allows the killing of its citizens”.

O workers of our homeland

It is an honor for us in Syria to be at the forefront of the countries with lesser cases of “corona” .. where the state took a series of measures that prevented the spread of this epidemic and limited its negative effects and possibilities of its cross-border implementation, and your GFTU Syria has taken initiatives in this field in support of the national efforts in addressing the pandemic, and the awareness of the people and their commitment to the instructions of quarantine, prevention and cultural depth of the Syrians have contributed to mitigating the effects of this epidemic and limiting its spread, despite the dwindling capabilities on the impact of the continuation of sanctions and unilateral economic coercive measures imposed on us, despite the effects of terrorism in the destruction in infrastructure and public benefit institutions, especially the health system.

This situation should not cause us to be complacent, but we must continue to implement the directions of prevention and protection continuously along with work to lift the sanctions and coercive unilateral measures imposed on us, and everyone must fulfill their responsibilities in this crucial stage of the lives of our people and our country and everyone’s efforts must converge with the national effort to address the social and economic consequences of the current crisis, and this is also the responsibility of every capable Syrian.

Dear Workers,

Throughout the years of the imperialist, reactionary, terrorist war that we still face today, in the process of fortifying the homeland from the pandemic of corona, you have proven that you are the sons of a righteous Syria who don’t fail to fulfill their duty and fulfill their responsibilities towards our homeland, our people, and our glorified leader, President Bashar al-Assad. Your commitment to work and providing the ingredients for our national steadfastness is a medal you made with your efforts and continuing to work and give in the darkest conditions, despite the unjust blockade and coercive measures imposed by us by the forces of aggression and terrorism, which are in harmony with the high rates of corruption and administrative slackness and weak solutions to the impact of diminishing capabilities, which led to exceptional difficult circumstances which is due to the unprecedented rise in the prices of many commodities and basic materials, which constituted an additional burden for those with limited incomes.

Our pledge to you is that we are on your side, living your suffering, your concerns, and your steadfastness … We extend a helping hand and support with all the available capabilities, defend your rights, your accomplishments and guarantees, and we will spare no effort to stand in the line of those who have lost their work in the private and informal sectors, and to work with all means to activate the fight against corruption and expose them the traffickers to the livelihood of the citizen and limiting the ugly exploitation practiced by crisis dealers and smugglers who manipulate the citizens ’livelihoods and the lives of their children and their basic living requirements .. As well as confronting with all force those who avail themselves to exploit the current conditions to achieve narrow goals and personal interests at the expense of the interest of the country and the people of the working class who have worked and are still working in the most difficult conditions to achieve the basics of national steadfastness.

On International Labor Day, we reaffirm that our trade union organization will remain the voice of workers, their conscience, and the solid defender of their rights and gains and will not stop to provide efforts to achieve more for them in all fields, and improving their living conditions will remain one of the first concerns, and by this we are doing our most basic duties and responsibilities towards our workers and our homeland which is protected by an ideological army who has never hesitated to defend the homeland .. Today, it continues its war against terrorism and, with the same usual resolve, confronts the Zionist-imperialist attacks – and imperialism.

Our national steadfastness, led by the wise and courageous President Bashar al-Assad, one who has stopped the aggressors ‘goals and the conspirators’ plans, will be our way to rebuild a strong, unified, and powerful Syria that is insubordinate to every aggressor and outsider.

Long Live the 1st of May as the symbol of the unity and solidarity of the workers of the world … a salute to the workers of the Arab world and the world … all salutations and love to the workers of our steadfast country … and the glory and eternity of our righteous martyrs.

The Executive Bureau of the General Federation of Trade Unions of the Syrian Arab Republic


World Federation of Trade Unions