The World Federation of Teachers Unions (FISE) representing the 122 affiliated countries of the five continents, and being one of the TUI Affiliated to the WFTU-FSM (WORLD FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS) with its more than 95 million workers in 130 countries, extends its Internationalist Solidarity, and at the same time strongly condemns and repudiates the arbitrary detention of our colleagues, Francisca Acosta and Michael Humaña Concha, president of the SNTE, in Chile, in the framework of the celebration of May 1st 2020 commemoration and historical date for all workers around the world.

Sebastián Piñera’s regime has declared war on the Chilean popular movement and is repressing Chilean workers with bullets fired by the Military and the Police: it is worth noticing that, within that bitter crusade against all workers, today 01 May 2020, the Mayor José Martínez Durán, illegally and repressively detained 39 education workers, which is regrettable and will in no way be justified.

We repudiate and strongly condemn the genocidal and arbitrary attitude of Dictator Sebastián Piñera, DEMANDING THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF ALL OUR ILLEGALLY DETAINED COLLEAGUES. We hold the Government led by Sebastián Piñeira, responsible for any physical and / or psychological affectation or any other kind of mistreatment towards our colleagues who were illegally detained, on May 1, 2020, in the city of Valparaíso, Chile.

The Chilean people must rise up against the injustices in which they currently live, reinforcing Unity, Action and Internationalist Solidarity along with all their Unions and grassroots organizations, until advancing and changing neoliberal corruption by a Constituent Assembly. For a New Democratic and Popular Constitution.

The WFTU-FISE Demands the demilitarization of the Chilean territory and the end of the constitutional State of Exception.

From The World Federation of Teachers Unions – FISE, branch of the World Federation of Trade Unions – WFTU, we stand in solidarity with the Chilean people and their fair demands, we also stand in solidarity with the Education Workers grouped in the National Union of Education Workers – SNTE Chile, who are mobilized and in resistance to the militarization of the streets in the Republic of Chile and who face the most cruel repression by the Chilean State, never before seen since the Pinochet dictatorship.

For the IMMEDIATE RELEASE, All United for the intervention of an Internationalist character from the 122 countries affiliated to the WFTU-FISE and distributed all around the 5 continents of the world. Important union organizations UNITED IN ACTION AND WITH TOTAL SUPPORT adding forces.



World Federation of Trade Unions