The World Federation of Trade Unions, on behalf of its 100 million members on the 5 Continents, greets the world working class, who honored the May Day 2020 with important events, hoisting the flag of commemoration and militancy.

   Despite the difficult circumstances due to COVID-19 Pandemic, despite the lockdowns and restrictions, the workers in Central and Latin America, in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and all over the world, organized symbolic events by taking all necessary protection measures; they highlighted the message of the International Workers Day, the one of resistance and of class struggle in defense of the working rights and for the covering of the contemporary needs of workers and the Peoples.

   The WFTU, honoring the 75 years of its militant course and action, on the occasion of this years’ May Day, pointed out the slogan: 35 hours of work per week, with salary increase and improvement of the working conditions.

   In this direction, we continue our struggles with militancy and determination!

      We stress the demands for public, free, high quality Healthcare, for free and safe vaccine, for the banning of layoffs, for the support and protection of all workers and the unemployed, of the popular strata in general.

   We strengthen solidarity among workers and proletarian internationalism.

   We pay great attention to the defense of democratic and trade union liberties, which the capitalists are attempting to abolish, by utilizing the pandemic.

   We condemn the authoritarianism and police violence, present at the recent May Day celebration for one more year.

   We congratulate all the organizations-members of the big militant family of the WFTU who, once more, stood in the frontline to give the correct, class-oriented and well-timed content in this year’s celebrations.

   The militant WFTU flags and banners, its 75th Anniversary, became visible in every corner of the planet.

   According to the picture we have until now, only 12 countries where trade unions-members of WFTU exist seem to have lagged behind.  (6 in Africa, 3 in the Arab countries, 3 in Asia). As WFTU Secretariat, in the next time period, and in a fraternal spirit, we will discuss with them ways so that such organizational weaknesses can be overcome.

The struggle continues!

Athens, 05.05.2020

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions