USB ItaliaHealth system in the ‘Relaunch Decree’ of the government: a return to the past!

If the virus had really taught us anything…

…it would have been decided today to permanently recruit the 50,000 National Heath System  personnel cut since 2006

… the policy should  find the solution to stabilize the many  health care workers and precarious workers.

…today we’d be talking about restoring the 135,000 beds cut since 1996…

… today we should urgently consider how to restore that 40% of territorial services – including prevention services – cut in 12 years.

… today we would be talking about the dramatic and funereal failure of the 20 regional health systems and we would be planning a return to the unique and universal National Health System. And above all, Public, free from the burden of private health care, hungry only for profit…

… today it would be very seriously considered whether the salaries of the “Heroes” are adequate for their work and, above all, whether they are in line with those of other European colleagues.

On the other hand, reading the Relaunch Decree, it is very clear that the virus has taught us nothing. In fact, the choices regarding personnel are the mirror of the health policies that we intend to adopt in the future.

Only temporary and, once again, precarious hiring. Not even the new intensive care posts, as if they were to operate in self-service mode, will be hired sufficiently.

There is no trace of the extension of the stabilisation procedures for the many precarious healthcare workers.

The money for the bonus bonuses that had been promised also disappears from the final text.

Heroes, yes, but poor!

It seems very clear the intention to return, after the emergency, to the previous situation. The same one thanks to which today we mourn more than 32,000 dead (according to the official numbers alone. In reality by now everyone agrees that there should be many more) and at least 25,000 health workers infected.

For all these reasons, on Friday, May 29th the USB will be present with a protest demonstration in each region under the Regional Health Councillorships and at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health in Rome to claim: recruitment, stabilization, salaries for staff. Restore beds, relaunch of territorial services, strengthening public health and more recruitment for the benefit of citizens and to protect the right to health.


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