The People’s Power Minister for Tourism and Foreign Trade, Félix Plasencia, held a working meeting with the Palestinian Ambassador to Venezuela, Fadi Alzaben, recalling the historic relations of friendship, brotherhood and solidarity with the noble Palestinian people.

During the meeting held from the Mitcoex headquarters located in Caracas, both gave importance to the need of promoting the various economic and cooperation agreements signed during the time of the Eternal Commander, Hugo Chavez and the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

They also mentioned the unilateral unlawful coercive measures that the U.S.A. has imposed against both nations, and all the harmful effects on their economies and the well-being of the peoples.

Finally, Plasencia expressed interest in videoconferencing with the private sector and the Palestinian government, in order to promote greater bilateral fair trade ties.

Venezuela and Palestine have various bilateral cooperation agreements in the sectors of education, economy, agriculture, tourism, defense, health, security and other areas.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela