Workers’ May Day was honored in Greece with hundreds of mass multi-faceted events, under pandemic conditions while maintaining protection measures (proper distancing, masks, etc. ) and in spite of the ND government decision to move May Day to mid-May.

The class unions organized strike events in all of the major cities of Greece and in the center of Athens as well as in many of its districts. On the eve of May Day, trade union leaders and KKE officials visited workplaces and spoke to the workers.

The CC of the KKE in its May Day message to the working class of the country notes among other things: “ The coronavirus will be cured and the pandemic will pass, as others did in the past. Capitalism, however, is incurable and will continue to torture humankind, with poverty, unemployment, wars, the destruction of the environment, until the people decide to take the leading role in the developments.

The current system can only be overthrown and replaced by a superior social system, socialism-communism, where social ownership of the means of production with workers’ power, scientific central planning to meet popular needs, workers’ control in all administrative organs and participation in all organs of power, from the bottom up, can lead to the prosperity of the people, to peace and progress of humanity.
Workers’ May Day symbolizes the unyielding battle against the class enemy. This is the precious legacy of our time.

With this weapon in our hands and in our thoughts, we honor Workers’ May Day, the dead workers of Chicago in 1886, the tobacco workers of Thessaloniki in ‘36, the 200 executed communists in Kaisariani on May 1, 1944, all the unflinching of the class struggle, those who were sacrificed for a society without exploitation of man by man.

We continue on this path, for the satisfaction of all contemporary social – popular  needs.

Read there the message of the CC of the KKE on Workers’ May Day


Communist Youth of Greece