We, the Communist and Worker’s Parties express our solidarity with the multinational working class of the USA and with the NorthAmerican people that have taken to the streets mobilizing against racism, repression, unemployment, and other acute problems caused by the capitalist system of exploitation.

The murder of George Floyd is not an exception, it’s a rule racist policy, against African-Americans, Latinos, and immigrants of other nationalities. The system of exploitation confronts, in the same manner, the whole of the working class, as the COVID-19 pandemic proves, that is currently over two million infections and almost 113,000 deaths, where many lives could have been saved, but a privatized health care system turned out to be dangerous because its criteria is capitalist profit.

Poverty, unemployment, the attack on worker’s rights, anti-immigrant policies, police brutality, imperialist aggressions towards other Peoples, social decomposition through drugs and crime, prove that capitalism is barbarism and that Socialism is both current and necessary.

We the Communist and Worker’s Parties express:

-Our condemnation of the racist murder of George Floyd and protesters, victims of the Trump administration’s Repression Policies.

-Our solidarity with the workers and people of the USA, who in all cities protest racism and repression.

-Our solidarity with the workers and people of the USA affected by COVID-19

-Our condemnation of the Trump Administration, currently responsible for the White House, that employs campaigns that are racist, anti-migrant, xenophobic, and anticommunist. We condemn the curfew and the National Guard, the arrest and murder of those who fight for change.

Which side are you on? The Communist and Worker’s Parties together with the workers and people of the USA, against capitalism and its barbarism.

Workers of the world, unite!

Parties signing the Joint Declaration
1. Communist Party of Argentina
2. Communist Party of Australia
3. Communist Party of Austria
4. Party of Labour of Austria
5. Communist Party of Belgium (PCB-CPB)
6. Communist Party of Bolivia
7. Brazilian Communist Party
8. Communist Party of Canada
9. Communist Party of Chile
10. Popular Vanguard Party (Costa Rica)
11. Communist Party in Denmark
12. Force of the Revolution. Dominican Republic
13. French Communist Party
14. Communist Party of El Salvador
15. Communist Party of Greece
16. Iraqi Communist Party
17. Communist Party of Ireland
18. Workers Party of Ireland
19. Communist Party, Italy
20. Jordanian Communist Party
21. Communist Party of Mexico
22. Popular Socialist Party of Mexico
23. Popular Socialist Party-National Political Group, Mexico
24. Palestinian People’s Party
25. Peruvian Communist Party
26. Paraguayan Communist Party
27. Portuguese Communist Party
28. Romanian Socialist Party
29. Communists of Catalonia
30. Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
31. Communist Party of Swaziland
32. Communist Party USA


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