Healthcare workers of Greece went on National strike, first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, demanding recruitment of permanent staff to all public hospitals, exclusively public and completely free Healthcare system for all.

The National Federation of Public Hospital Doctors (OENGE) noted “We strengthen the voice of demands and struggle once again! For the satisfaction of our just demands!”

The healthcare workers started their demonstration with the banners of WFTU and EUROF of WFTU Poster demanding Free Healthcare

Main demands are

  • Mass recruitment of full and exclusive employment of permanent doctors, all the necessary permanent staff for the staffing of the public health system. No layoffs of the staff that was recruited during the pandemic
  • Adequate and exclusive funding from the state budget of the public healthcare system.
  • Development, staffing with all the necessary permanent staff and equipment of all public units of the National Healthcare System.
  • Abolition of patient payments. Free Health for all people.
  • Healthcare workers to be recognized as Hazardous and Unhealthy Occupation. Fixed daily working time. 5 days – 6 hours – 30 hours, with one shift per week and rest the next day.
  • Immediate return of the salaries to the 2009 levels.




All Workers Militant Front (PAME)