As a special guest, the Spanish journalist and historian Ignacio Ramonet, specified that in the face of the post-pandemic economic challenges imposed by COVID-19, it is necessary for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to re-promote the food sovereignty project and strengthen alliances in terms of health services.

This during the telematic ALBA-TCP conference on post-pandemic economy held this Wednesday.

“It is necessary to establish mutual aid ties in terms of public services. These countries have had the best results in Latin America and in the world, they are proof that consolidated, comfortable public health services help in unprecedented crises like this one”.

Ramonet also stressed that these nations must unite to demand the cancellation of the foreign debt and the suspension of unilateral coercive measures.

Coronavirus times

The journalist and historian explained that the crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic has three times: health time, economic time, and political and social time.

“In the United States they are already in the third stage, they have the health crisis, the economic crisis with mass unemployment and finally the social crisis with this massive globalized protest. Exactly this is what is being proposed at the international level.”

Regarding economic time, he explained that there is a supply crisis because for months the factories were closed in the main axes of development, that is, there has been no production, and on the other hand, a demand crisis because thousands of Millions of people have been quarantined, resulting in a considerable reduction in quarantine.

With respect to the countries of the south, he explained that the three main income items have fallen, exports of land, agricultural subsoil or mining; remittances from migrants working in the affected development poles and finally tourism.

“Tourism is precisely one of the most affected industries by this crisis, because there are, at this time, border closings and immobility in terms of international transport”.

The central objective of the ALBA-TCP conference on the post-pandemic economy is to comprehensively address the pending economic issues for the region, taking into account the conjuncture of COVID-19.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela