This Thursday, from the international virtual conference of transport, fishing, port and communication workers in solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza, thanked the international working class for their tireless struggle to the construction of a new society and for its support to the Bolivarian Revolution.

“I want to thank you for the solidarity, especially to the international working class. Always the unions even in those countries where their governments have condemned President Maduro without a trial, and where most of the public opinion is confused or bombarded, they support us there”, she said.

He specified that the workers are the great contention against lies, immorality and those who, beyond the western mass media, absolutely at the service of the ruling class, defend the truth.

Foreign Minister Arreaza, in addition, commemorated the 190th anniversary of the assassination of the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho Antonio José de Sucre, making a historical journey through the struggles that were fought at that time.

Conscious working class

With regard to the application of unilateral sanctions and violations of human rights by the Donald Trump administration, the Foreign Minister reported on the persecution and pressure on international companies not to trade with Venezuela, measures that have caused the bankruptcy of the same.

“Last year they confiscated Citgo, although we could not repatriate our profits, it would be useful to import the additives, they stole a Venezuelan company in Colombia, Monómeros, which is owned by Pequiven, they stole 32 tons of gold from our Venezuelan reserves in the United Kingdom in the Bank of England (…) An assault is what they have done with the Venezuelan resources, it is necessary that the working class be aware of this”, he stressed.

For his part, the People’s Power Minister for the Social Process of Labor, Eduardo Piñate, determined that the concept of building Bolivarian socialism requires a profound transformation of the Venezuelan economy to overcome the rentier legacy of oil which is over 100 years old.

Representatives of the working class from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, the United States and Spain participated in the virtual conference.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela