USB ItaliaThese are the first results of today’s national mobilization of USB of the Health Sector, with crowded and colourful demonstrations and garrisons not only in front of the Ministry of Health, but also in front of the regional health departments of Turin, Milan, Genoa, Padua, Bologna, Florence, Ancona, Campobasso, Naples, Bari, Potenza, Catanzaro, Palermo and Cagliari.

The Ministry of Health will work to ensure that when the Relaunch Decree is converted into law, the extension to December 2020 of the law for the stabilization of precarious workers, the cancellation of which had affected the thousands of operators who guaranteed assistance during the emergency, is reintroduced with an amendment.

In Rome, a USB delegation met at the Ministry of Health’s headquarters, on the table were hiring and stabilizations (in the square with USB there was the Permanent Movement of nurses of the rankings of the Sant’Andrea, and a representative of the Specialized Doctors of Lazio participated with a speech), and economic refreshment after a coup d’état eliminated from the Relaunch Decree the bonus of 1000 euros for those engaged in the fight against coronavirus. On these points the Ministry of Health has ensured attention and availability.

Beyond the ministerial commitments, the stumbling block is represented by the wild regionalization of the Italian health system, which over the years has produced a galaxy of watertight compartments in which public health is perishing while the private one gained weight with regional funding, except then calling itself out under the impact of Covid-19. A pandemic faced in solitude by the public sector.

On this, as on the taps closed by the MEF, USB will continue the fight at all levels, for recruitment, stabilization, the return to the National Health System, unique, universal and public, once the failure of the 20 regional health systems has been noted.

In June, a strike will be proclaimed for the entire health sector, both public and private.

USB International Department


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