Dozens of leftist activists blocked Herzl Street in Tel Aviv last Sunday, June 14, to protest Israel’s “colonialist policies and plans to formally annex” occupied Palestinian territories. The protesters barricaded the central downtown road with concrete barriers and fences, on which they raised banners in Hebrew, Arabic and English reading: “No to annexation, No to apartheid” and “Israel is not a democracy… Apartheid.”

Today, Thursday, June 18 a large demonstration will take place starting at 5 pm against the occupation at the initiative of the Women Waging Peace movement outside the city’s Shalom Interchange government offices compound under the banner hold “Stop the Annexation.” Towards today’s protest its organizers published a statement saying: “Twelve days before the planned annexation, we will gather at the Shalom Interchange to stop the annexation, to protect lives, to protect our children. We will be coming from all over the country calling on the new government to halt the annexation and begin negotiations towards a peace agreement.”

Another protest “against the annexation and for an independent Palestinian State now” will be held opposite the US on Friday, June 26, outside the US Consulate in West Jerusalem’s Agron Street.

Several thousand demonstrators gathered on Saturday evening, June 6, in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to protest far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to annex large parts of the occupied Palestinian West Bank, possibly as early as July 1. The crowd of Jews and Arabs denounced Netanyahu’s annexation saying the move was beneficial to neither Israelis nor Palestinians.


Communist Party of Israel