pda oesterreichDeclaration of the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Austria, Vienna, 2 June 2020

The killing of Afro-American George Floyd by Minneapolis police is another sad expression of the ruthless barbarism of the US ruling system. The Party of Labour of Austria offers its condolences to the relatives and friends of the victim and demands that the responsible personsarebrought to justice.

Although the US is still the imperialist hegemonic power, it has serious problems: The capitalist economy is facing a massive crisis, millions of people are unemployed, the rudimentary health system cannot withstand the CoViD-19 epidemic and the public deficit remains immense, not least because of the huge military expenditure. At international level, interventions in Syria and Venezuela have failed, as have the subordination of Iraq and the reorganisation of Libya. The Trump administration is held in low esteem among most of the world’s peoples.

However, it is not simply the acute problems, the incumbent president or racist whites, which lead to repression, racism and violence in the US, but monopoly capitalism itself. Exploitation and oppression are omnipresent within capitalism.Racism, division of the working population, nationalism and police violence are part of the methods of rule of a bourgeois state, which is merely an illusion of democracy, in particular in the US. The two-party system of the US is a tool in the hands of the rich, the banks and corporations. In fact, whether Republicans or Democrats sit in the White House is of little real significance – in alliance with Wall Street, they represent in any case the main enemy of the working class and the oppressed people’s strata of the US. The death of George Floyd is a result of this situation – but so is the widespread anger over this incident.

The Party of Labour of Austriadeclares its solidarity with the protests against the racist police murder of Minneapolis. It supports the resistance against state repression, racism, discrimination, arbitrariness, mistreatment and assaults. It supports the struggle of Afro-Americans for their rights. It supports the struggle of other minorities, migrants, indigenous peoples, poor people and women for a better life. The Party of Labour supports the forces of peace and international friendship. And last but not least, we support those forces that want to fight against capitalism and imperialism and liberate the working class of the US from exploitation and oppression. The future of the US will be a socialist society in which skin colour, ethnicity, origin, language and religion are of no importance.

Source: PdA via Solidnet / RedGlobe